Protek Neoprene Tennis Elbow Support

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Protek Neoprene Tennis Elbow Support can help to protect against, alleviate and reduce pain associated with injuries to the forearm tendons caused by playing sports such as tennis and golf for long periods. Targeted compression can help to reduce swelling and provide support for the injured tendons.

Epicondylitis (tennis and golfers elbow).
Repetitive strain injury.

Sprains & strains

Helps to target and relieve forearm pain.

Integrated GEL pad.

Adjustable compression.

Anatomical design.

• Sports & everyday use.
• Therapeutic warmth.
• Adjustable compression.

Always seek medical advice for severe or persistent injuries. If discomfort or a rash occurs during use remove the device immediately and seek medical advice.

Washing instructions – Hand wash in lukewarm water (max 30°C) using a mild detergent and air dry.

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